Skechers Running Shoes Review | Comparing Models

Over the last 8 months, I’ve had the opportunity to put in a good number of miles in a few different Skechers running shoes and it’s time for a review of the various models, fit, feel and performance.

We’ve seen Meb and Kara line up in Skechers, but have you ever wondered if they’re made for you and me?

I did.

Per my normal stance, I was skeptical. And once again I was proven wrong by finding a number of the models that worked well for me. Let’s cruise through some to see how they compare and what might just be the ticket for you.

  • Razor +™ : Race day, lightweight trainer
  • Run Ride: Neutral, cushioned long run shoe
  • Maxroad: Neutral, most cushioned

I’ll say all of them feel SO LIGHTWEIGHT, that was a super welcome change.

One that was initially not my favorite was the Razor 3 because it was only Unisex…but not anymore!!! It was Runner’s World “Editors’ Choice” shoe in a March/April 2020, so I was supremely jealous the men were getting access to a shoe that I couldn’t quite get to fit me size wise.

Celebration time!

They just released the women’s Razor +™ and it’s great for those speed sessions and short races. I got a preview of it and have been playing with it over the last month.Skechers Razor+ Review

While it’s described as cushioned, I would say if you’ve run in the other shoes I mention below or a standard cushioned shoe that could be misleading. It has more padding than many very low profile shoes, but it’s not a plush ride because that’s not it’s purpose.

For speed you want a shoe that’s really responsive, meaning it helps you explode off the ground and this has that.

So though Meb can crush 26.2 in a Razor, I think most of us who have gotten used to a little cushion will find this shoe is ideal for our speed workouts and possibly up to a half marathon.

Skechers Razor Specifications

The basic details to help you see what this shoe is about.

  • Weight: 6.3 oz
  • Drop: 4 mm
  • Neutral running shoe
  • Felt true to size
  • Toe box is narrow to normal (not wide)
  • Designed for your fast runs or race day
  • SUPER breathable upper (so nice for summer and race day)

It’s also more durable than many shoes designed for race day. They often have just a few wears in them before needing to be replaced, I’d say this should last closer to 300 miles.

Find the just released Razor+ here >>

Overall Fit

The Razor has a few pieces that help make it a great race shoe. One is the lacing system which helps to relieve top of foot pressure, which can become an issue when our feet swell during a run.

The second important one is they design style which helps to promote that coveted mid-foot strike for more efficiency.

Skechers Razor Womens


I know you’re expecting these to look like the daily Skechers, but I like the Performance line.

They feel sleek and while yes most of mine are in black, they look like a running shoe. I’m not sure why in our minds they might still look like a rocker shoe or something orthopedic…they don’t!

Available in:

  • Grey/blue
  • Black/yellow
  • Black/pink
  • Neon pink

All right now, that I’ve told you all about a great race day shoe…let’s talk about some of the other models where I’ve been pilling on the miles.

These Skechers running shoes reviews are designed to help you see how they differ from each other and from what you might currently be wearing.

HINT: One of the big awesome differences is weight!

My immediate first impression was no way a shoe this light can be cushioned, wrong!

In fact, I wore these for my most recent 20 miler and my legs felt great. I mean as great as anyone’s legs feel after 20 miles.Skechers Run Ride Review

  • Neutral shoe
  • 6mm heel drop
  • 8.7 oz – compare that to most brands which are closer to 10-11oz
  • Good Year tread for traction
  • Hyper Burst midsole foam – cushioning you feel
  • Knit Upper – something I really like in shoes now

I would very comfortably select this shoe for long runs or marathon race day. I trust it and my body says it feels good.

If you’ve been afraid to try Skechers running shoes, this is where I would start!

Even after trying the Go Run Ride, I still thought this is too light to be cushioned…nope! I

t’s like I refuse to learn, which is ok because it means more miles testing out running shoes.Skechers Max Road Review

You might notice from the photo that mine are now caked in dirt, which is a good sign that they have been well loved and cruised through many road, crushed gravel and dirt road runs near Boulder.

  • Maximum cushion shoe
  • 6mm heel drop
  • 8.4 oz – compare that to most brands which are closer to 10-11oz
  • Designed to help prevent heel striking
  • Hyper Burst midsole foam – cushioning you feel
  • Knit Upper with no tongue – love when there is nothing moving around

For me this is a great shoe when running on tired legs or putting in a lot of road miles and looking to give the legs a breather!

I hope these Skechers running shoes reviews helped you see beyond some of the old perceptions we may have had of the models and more importantly that while they were designed with the elites in mind, they very much work for us!

Have you ever tried running in Skechers?

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Skechers running shoes review

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