MedCity Pivot Podcast: Sight Diagnostic’s exec talks about using computer vision in blood diagnostics

Due to the infamy of Theranos, even those not involved in the world of healthcare, know something about blood diagnostics and the effort to make it less burdensome.

While the Theranos saga has burned investors, revealed a troubled entrepreneur and perhaps even created some hurdles for women entrepreneurs, other startups with similar aims haven’t given up their ambition to transform the world of complete blood count testing and other blood diagnostics. One of those is Israeli startup Sight Diagnostics. The company has raised more than $120 million and has received FDA approval to allow its Olo device to be used in moderately complex healthcare settings.

In this episode, Daniel Levner, co-founder and chairman of the company’s scientific advisory board discusses the product and how computer vision and AI can change the world of blood diagnostics.




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